Thursday, April 29, 2010

For every door that closes, another opens

Finals are finally finished! Holy freakin cow!!! I'm so so happy with that. Now I actually have time to do other MORE HOMEWORK!! woo...

Graduation is in 29 days. That's 29 days to say goodbye to a lot of people. 29 days to plan for life outside of high school. 29 days to enjoy being in high school... only 29 days. It's somewhat sad. I've known a lot of these kids since kindergarten, now, after 13 years, it'll be all over. They'll be all gone! Yes, I know I'll make a lot of new friends in college, but the truth is... I never even got to know my old friends all that well. But it's too late now. We walk through that golden O (or through something for other schools) in less than a month. We move on in less than a month. one...month...

It's sad, but at the same time. It's super exciting. We're growing up. A new chapter is unfolding. We get to truly invent ourselves. I finally get to do what I want. I get to go make movies! I get to share things with people! Rachel gets to do what she wants! She'll get to be around a ton of annoying little kids all day! (jk, teaching elementary school is one of the greatest things a person could do with their life.) Brandy will get to share her music. Her magic will touch people and excite them. Same with Kayley. She'll get to spread her little musical wings and fly! Emily gets to go design houses--creating a chance for a family to form a home! Peter will get to go on his mission, then come back and rescue people. He'll finally get to truly (and literally) reach out to people to save them. It's amazing! All these doors open up to us as soon as we step through that O (or that other object)! All of our dreams will get to come true! Finally!

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